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RMB BIO-ARMOR™-Lined Caissons Help Gulf Coast Offshore Platform Combat Corrosion

December 13, 2016

RMB Products recently completed two identical 170-foot caissons for a major multinational oil company for use on a new offshore platform soon to be operated in the Gulf of Mexico. RMB Products used its rotational lining capabilities to install BIO-ARMOR, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner with an antimicrobial agent, in a carbon steel piping system with a 16-inch diameter and dumping ports cut into the side of the caissons. The liner provides interior corrosion protection and prevents fouling of the pipe.

The caissons are used to remove produced water from the platform and are also exposed to seawater. They experience two types of corrosion: aqueous corrosion and MIC corrosion. Additionally, sea life, such as barnacles, can grow on the bio layer formed on the piping and cause clogging. An offshore engineer recently told RMB Products, “This is a problem on every platform in the Gulf.” Removing this clogging at sea can be extremely expensive.


RMB Products’ unique BIO-ARMOR solution has the potential to save the industry millions of dollars. The HDPE protects against the aqueous corrosion while the antimicrobial agent will protect against MIC corrosion and prevent the biofilm from forming to prevent clogging. The platform operator is hopeful for a 40-year lifespan. RMB Products used its vertical integration capabilities to perform all engineering, procurement, metal fabrication, lining, and painting on the job.

For previous success with an offshore application, please see RMB Products mentioned in the attached article from Offshore Magazine. If you would like to learn more about RMB Products’ HDPE/antimicrobial solution, they will be presenting a white paper at two NACE conferences this year, International Pipeline Coating Technology Conference and NACE Corrosion 2017. RMB Products will be co-presenting with antimicrobial manufacturer Advanced Nano Solutions.


Download the BIO-ARMOR White Paper

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