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Rotational Lining for Acid Processing

May 4, 2022

Whether you’re a metal mining company or an engineering firm that specializes in mining projects, you know the importance of equipment reliability and quality control. To keep your acid processing operation up and running, you need reliable polymer-based solutions specially designed for corrosive environments.  

But maybe you’re facing labor shortages and supply chain issues that are making it challenging to find reliable solutions that meet your needs. At RMB Products, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that you have the rotolined equipment you need to support your acid processing operation. For example:  

  • We’ve worked with our suppliers to retain an available flow of resin and materials to meet your equipment and maintenance needs, whether it’s a scheduled outage or an emergency relining.   
  • We’ve doubled down on our efforts to attract talented new staff.   
  • We’ve prepared training modules for new and existing staff to ensure consistent quality control, measurement device usage, and painting.  
  • We’ve updated the qualifications of our metal and plastic welders.  


Mineral and mining processing success stories 

RMB often sells to mineral processors as well as distributors. For example, we recently got a request from a western U.S. copper mine that needed help relining a part sold in 2006. They said that our perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) liner held up better than any other option for their severe service involving hot sulfuric acid. Although the part was sold through two layers of distribution, they were able to identify the RMB name on the part and reach out to us about the relining work.  

In addition, we recently sold piping lined with 0.50-inch-thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to a  mine in Canada, where they are undertaking an expansion to an already very large nickel mine. It was installed in their transfer and flush system, which is responsible for handling corrosive wastewater. 

Read our mineral processing case study to learn how we provided a valuable solution for handling the concentrated acid used for copper refining. The results? Arizona-based ASARCO hasn’t experienced a single failure of any ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)-lined pipe from RMB Products for over 25 years of service. And none of the lined pipe has required replacement.  


Tips for battling shortages 

If you’re feeling the pinch of labor and material shortages, then this year’s Colorado Minerals Processing Division (MPD) Subsection of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) conference is for you. 

The MPD conference will bring together leaders from US-based metal mining companies, engineering firms that specialize in mining projects, and OEMs of large-scale mining equipment. Colorado Springs is the perfect location for this event since most attendees will be coming from the western U.S., including Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada — states known for their copper and lithium mine sites.  

With the theme “An Excess of Shortages,” the April 28-30 program will focus on overcoming challenges related to shortages and supply chain issues. Whether you’re running low on raw materials, labor, manufactured goods, or computer chips, this event will have all the tips and tricks you need to keep your operation up and running smoothly and efficiently.  


RMB will be at the conference to share insights on polymer-based solutions for corrosive environments — and how we’re fully stocked with the resources you need to succeed.  

Plus, RMB is sponsoring a hole on the MPD Saturday (April 30) golf outing. Mike DeGrandis, president of RMB, will be showing off his amazing skills at the golf outing — and he hopes to see you there! (Attendees must first register to be eligible to golf.) 

Let’s connect 

If you're planning to be at the MPD conference, we’d love to connect with you. To schedule a meeting, send an email to Kira Kaleps, business development manager for corrosion protection at RMB. Or you can call or text Kira at 937-609-6203.  


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