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Who Is the Leader in Rotolining?

When you want the highest quality rotational lining of equipment and pipes for corrosion prevention, you need an experienced industry expert you can trust—and, in a competitive industry, that trust must be earned and proved over time. RMB Products has more than 30 years of experience delivering the best quality equipment lining in the industry. We started in the 1980s, when we performed extensive molding trials. Based on these trials, we developed a lining process that bonded a polymer to a metallic substrate, a process that led to what we now refer to as rotational lining. This thick, seamless liner and the formation of a mechanical bond can solve the most difficult corrosion problems in pipelines and other equipment.

Since 2013, we have partnered with Aegion/United Pipeline to provide lined fittings, manifolds, and shorter spool lengths using rotationally lined HDPE. Our liners supplement the United Pipeline/Aegion Titeliner® system—the only fully lined polyethylene-lined pipe system in the oil and gas industry. Any project under this partnership is managed to meet customer deadlines, and the lined equipment is specially designed to mate together seamlessly during installation.

In 2018, RMB began providing RMB BIO-ARMORTM lining services for corrosion protection in applications that are susceptible to microbiologically influenced corrosion. This biofouling prevention technology is well suited for protecting piping and process equipment in brine and saltwater applications.

Rotolining Is Our Specialty—Not an Afterthought

At RMB, we specialize in rotolining; we do not dilute our brand by selling PTFE-lined pipe, spray coatings, sheet linings, or other products. RMB can develop solutions using engineered polymers and highly technical rotolining/rotomolding processing.

Our main domestic competitors supply a myriad of other offerings but add rotolining to their offerings to fill a void in their products and services portfolio. However, in their zeal to offer a variety of products, these companies have inadvertently created a serious gap when it comes to lining complex geometries and small-to-medium sized vessels with a monolithic liner. These complex undertakings require more than just the acquisition of a rotolining machine, which only gained them entrance into the market. Where our competition falls short—and RMB shines—is their lack of experience in quoting and executing orders.

Customer Commitment

RMB has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and lining process equipment using rotational lining and polymer resins. While our end users and distributor-based customers have choices in where they may buy rotolined equipment, they continue to source directly from RMB because they know we have the talented staff, proven processes, and a commitment to quality.

RMB has put in the hard work to learn what we can and should do for our customers with rotolining. Added to our experience, we have the R&D to back up our commitments to our chemical processing customers. When you choose RMB as your corrosion prevention solution provider, you get a partner who truly knows and understands the technology.

What Makes RMB’s Rotolining Manufacturing Better?

Rotolining takes more than owning a machine. RMB was the first to use rotomolding machines to provide rotolined equipment. We can deliver the proper surface preparation, program the machine, load the equipment, and use the heat/cool cycle to yield a high-quality part. We are experts on the resins we use, and we are a trusted advisor when it comes to materials selection and product development. When we developed these technologies, we worked with the resin suppliers (primarily DuPont), which tweaked their formulas so RMB could rotationally line with high-performing fluoropolymers, such as PFA and ETFE (Tefzel).

We supply to companies that do rotational lining, but when it comes to managing the tough jobs (e.g., intricate, complex, very large or very small, PFA-lined, machining required, etc.) only RMB has the experience to implement the most effective solutions.

RMB’s quality control program is the best in the industry. We adhere to very particular quality requirements in supplying commercial and military aerospace customers—some of the most stringent in the industry. This commitment to quality control at the highest level elevates our quality control program above that of typical industrial equipment suppliers. While maintaining the industry’s highest standards, we complete over 1,000 projects per year.

RMB is a true pioneer and industry leader in PFA rotolining, but we can offer much more, including turnkey solutions and a host of other benefits to our customers:

  • Value-add services, including ASME-certified fabrication, to save you time and eliminate additional expenses
  • Engineering expertise to develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs
  • In-house testing to ensure your product is compliant
  • ISO 9001-2000-certified Quality Management System

In addition, there are three areas in which RMB stands alone, above the competition:

  • Proprietary resins manufactured in-house are designed to meet the requirements of your application
  • Flexibility to meet your rigorous installation deadlines
  • Over 30 years of experience rotolining process equipment

At RMB, we focus our resources on our specialty: rotolining and rotomolding. We avoid spreading our work too thin among a variety of technologies and manufacturing processes so that we can offer our customers what they need: the absolute best in corrosion protection for the pipelines and equipment.

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